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font family from Device, added February 25th


A freely hand-drawn display face evoking aggression, speed and raw energy.


family of 4 fonts from FDI, added January 17th

Wayfinding Sans Symbols

Placing pictograms as single vector images makes designing signage a time-consuming task. But with Wayfinding Sans Symbols and its built-in OpenType intelligence using pictograms becomes as easy as typing words. With Wayfinding Sans Symbols you don’t need to scroll through endless glyph palettes to look for one symbol among hundreds of symbols. Just active ligatures and type in the mnemonic codes like #wheelchair, #parking, #toilet and so on. An overview of these codes can be found in the type specimen PDF. Each pictogram is available in 4 different versions and you can easily assign an additional background color or turn the symbol into a prohibition sign.


family of 12 fonts from Canada Type, added January 31st

Wilke Kursiv™

Martin Wilke’s underrated yet influential deco classic from 1932 (Burgund with Ambassador for plain capitals) has both feet firmly planted in the high traditions of Western European calligraphy while carefully and subtly introducing some traits from the sweeping geometric/minimalist vision of the time. In a way, it was one of the representatives of the European anti-type typefaces of that era, when print media was searching for the elusive aesthetic balance between humanism and geometry. This typeface enjoyed some popularity in Germany for a few years, and went on to influence further type designs in Holland and Italy. After the second World War, the black hole that swallowed a big chunk of Europe’s print culture, new influences and technologies overtook the scene, and selective historical emphasis ensued, highlighting some of the era’s designs and overlooking others. Further selective picking in the digital era all but buried Wilke’s body of work - unfairly so, because he was just as important in German type history as Bernhard, Post, Schneidler, Tiemann and Trump.


font family from TypoGraphicDesign, added February 14th


font family from TypoGraphicDesign, added February 14th

Webpixel Bitmap

font family from, added February 13th

Words You Lost

font family from Hanoded, added February 4th


Wayang font was named after the beautiful shadow puppets from Indonesia. The font was hand made, using a bamboo pen and Chinese ink on rough, eco-friendly Italian paper. Wayang is spiky, ultra-thin,

yet extremely legible. It comes with extensive language support.


font family from Looseleaf Fonts, added January 21st


Walleye is an original serif font suitable for setting longer texts. It contains the Latin, (Polytonic) Greek, and Cyrillic alphabets, and supports a broad variety of languages, including almost all spoken in Europe. It also has small caps for all supported languages, old-style figures, and other OpenType features (see specimen booklet in the Gallery). Its long, banner-shaped finials and its airy letterforms give it character and an open texture on the page. Walleye has four styles: regular, italic, bold, and bold italic.


font family from JOEBOB graphics, added January 18th


font family from Jeff Levine, added January 9th

Window Treatment JNL

Window Treatment JNL gives a classic thick-and-thin line treatment to the Art Deco design found in the monoline font Window Dressing JNL.