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W Category Fonts

font family from Design23, added January 2nd

Wed Dings City

font family from Hallmark, added in 2012

Wallow™ HMK

With its playful, handwritten look, Wallow HMK carries a feel of authentic kid-drawn signs.


font family from Borutta, added in 2012

Wood Type Collection

WOOD TYPE COLLECTION from BORUTTA is a set of wonderful, warm and weathered hand made typefaces designed by Mateusz Machalski. The Inspiration for this collection comes from a wooden letter blocks and other old technologies used for printing.


font family from Laura Worthington, added in 2012

Winter Wallflowers

Winter Wallflowers — 25 unique hand drawn wallpaper tiles and 61 accompanying icons. This font can be used as icons, borders, and/or wallpaper patterns.


font family from Jeff Levine, added in 2012

Window Dressing JNL

A picture of some cast metal letters in a 1950s architectural signage catalog was the basis for Window Dressing JNL. The clean, simple lines as well as the unusual letter form of the B and R inspired this digital interpretation.


font family from Khalid Jassim, added in 2012


I used Arabic letters to give the same sound of each letter in the English Alphabet (a, b,c,….)


font family from Borutta, added in 2012


font family from T-26, added in 2012

Wire And Planks

font family from TipoType, added today


Wurz is a family with 32 variants. Designed for labels, titles and posters. And to play with typography in large sizes! Is a grotesque geometric. Designed on a modular basis.


font family from BanzaiTokyo, added yesterday

Web Hosting Hub Glyphs Essentials

Icon font for web and offline.