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font family from Typesenses, added April 10th

Wishes Script

Wishes Script is the best way to express your greetings! All you want to say is more gorgeous when using this pretty font, since it beautifies every message. Programed with Open Type, Wishes offers the designer a complete range of possibilities: frames, ribbons, hearts, flowers, ornaments, swashes, endings, ligatures and all the alternates you need to make a wonderful work. With delicate and flowing curves which blend english style with lettering, Wishes Script works perfectly in greeting cards, invitations, weddings, posters, magazines, fashion world, logos, packagings, etc. Additionally, it can be used in small and big formats, due to its Display and Text styles. It works perfectly in both small and large sizes, preserving the delicacy of its thin strokes and ensuring them to be printed accurately in smaller sizes. You can get both styles in the Light, Regular and Bold weights. With more than 990 glyphs, the Pro Version of each option includes: Caps, (that match well with the style of the font, being a super legible way of writing) and a complete set of 197 ornaments that makes a perfect decoration. Caps and Ornaments are sold separately too!


font family from Radko Hromátka, added today


Waves is a sans serif typeface with a pure but expressive look, which is notable even in smaller sizes. The softly decorative characters are also nicely visible in bigger sizes what makes Waves unique. A user can choose from two sets in all four weights. Each font features alternate letters, offers wide sets of characters including fractions and language support with all characters for Central European countries.


font family from Jeff Levine, added yesterday

Window Sign JNL

Window Sign JNL is a solidified re-working of Sign Stencil JNL; originally modeled from some vintage lettering stencils that were part of a store sign making kit.


font family from Runes & Fonts, added yesterday

Windy Wood

font family from Dismantle Destroy, added today


This font was inspired by the handwriting of Jessica Mercer (Illustrator). The name was inspired by the band Freelance Whales.


font family from Alter Littera, added today

Wilhelm Klingspor Schrift

A comprehensive and faithful rendition of one of the finest metal typefaces of the 20th century. Rudolf Koch designed Wilhelm Klingspor Schrift (initially conceived as “Missal Schrift”, and later referred to also as “Wilhelm Klingspor Gotisch”) between 1919 and 1925 for the Gebr. Klingspor Type Foundry in Offenbach am Main. It is an impressive textura typeface, being sharp, elegant, spiky, sensitive and noble at the same time. Some of its most notable features have to do with the delicate decorations, the thin but subtly swelling lines that parallel or bridge strokes in the capitals, the hairline endings that terminate each stroke in both the capitals and the lowercase letters, the subtle joining of hairlines to thicker strokes, and the tension of some of the transitional curves.


font family from Atelier laia, added today


The old characters of the 8th century are the inspiration for this font. Specifically those used during a remotee time of the Basque Country - or waskonia as the Franks would call it - in the old gravestones and doors entryways.


font family from Jeff Levine, added today

Woodlawn JNL

Woodlawn JNL is based on an open face wood type. A bold outline sans, this design is excellent for headline and titling applications.


font family from Borutta, added today

Wood Type Collection 2

font family from Baseline Fonts, added today

Worn Gothic™

Worn Gothic, a typeface from the Grit History™ B family, creates rock solid text-- characters that are weathered, defined and strong, like the body of a gargoyle.