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Woodland Doodles™

An eye-pleasing collection of 31 Woodland Doodles. Illustrations of 11 trees--traditional and contemporary. A branch, animals, cabin, acorn, flower, leaves, mushrooms, bird’s nest, pine cone and birds on a branch. Coordinately nicely with Lake Vacation Doodles or Farm Doodles.



Whatnot is a beautiful, hand drawn all caps font. It was made with a fine-liner on smooth paper. Whatnot can be used for almost all designs, in particular for posters, books and ads. Whatnot comes with a full range of alternate lower case letters and upper and lower case are freely interchangeable.


Workaday from Yes Please is a bold and clean contemporary take on the classic American Sans Serif. Inspired by the wildly varied history of early to mid 20th century American signage, aircraft markings and industrial shipping vernaculars, Workaday exudes a timeless, classic flavor packed with a personality perfect for graphic headlines, packaging, copy setting and much more! Workaday features conventional ligatures, a standard set of accents and symbols, and a set of open type alternate characters to provide a versatile end-user experience. Workaday has seen action for Nike Sportswear, MSN, IFC, FX and more. Workaday is designed by Lee Schulz.


Whynot is a beautiful, hand drawn font - quite similar to Whatnot font, but with lower and upper case letters. Whynot can be used for almost all designs, in particular for posters, books and ads. Whynot comes with a full range of diacritics and the glyphs are freely interchangeable with those of Whatnot font.


Wonderhand is a new extensive family of scripts designed in six widths and 3 weights. It also introduces a third design axis, the slant, presenting an upright cut, a 20 degrees cut and a 40 degrees cut for each. Like written by different hands, eat cut has a difference appearance and character.

Wonderhand contains two sets of alternate characters and automatic features that imitate the natural flow of handwriting. It is loaded with icons and decorative elements that allow multiple possibilities in layout design.

 Wire Type Mono

A monospaced typeface meant to look and feel like an old typewriter.

 Wild Pen™

Wild Pen is a handwriten font written with an experimental pen made from recycled plastic bottle.

Its spontaneous strokes are very free and allow presence of drops and blots of ink. The complete family consists of five different fonts which have the same feeling and allow mixing them to obtain a lifelike handwriting text. More…

Open Type users may choice Wild Pen OT, wich includes not just the five basic sets but also contains many additional alternative characters and some discretionary ligatures. Wild Pen OT is judiciously programmed to mix randomly the five basic sets and improve the texts with the additional alternative characters which have in some cases up to ten additional letters for each character. Wild Pen contains almost 1200 glyps to cover many Latin languages (Western and Central European).