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Vito Font Download


Vito is a strong and elegant sans serif family in 60 styles. A wide range of weights and widths offering tremendous typographic flexibility. Perfect to mix in magazines or packaging, corporate designs or movie titles. Masculine and sporty for adrenaline junkies, reliable and elegant for serious typographers, but with a touch of bling for high snobiety. Vito has got you covered!

The Vito Family sets its goal to stay very functional but with a strong and unique look. Neutrality is good, but sometimes you need a bit more edge. The extreme weights and widths work great in title sizes, while the normal weights make longer texts deliciously readable. The classic and elegant outlook in all sizes make the family suitable for everything high quality.

While the family looks great on the outside, it is even greater on the inside. Loads of OpenType-Features, a big amount of language support, and the flexibility of alternative letters, make working with Vito easy and exciting. And the big range of widths invite you to mix all together, and find new ways to express your designs. We would love to see, what you come up with!