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South Central Font Download

 South Central

"To us it ain't vandalism. It’s just letting the people know: We grew up here. This is our neighborhood. And as they pass by they know where we're at." – Los Angeles gang member

Graffiti is equivalent to local news, its intended purpose is to inform general populace where gang members are, where they operate, as far as territory lines, and which neighborhoods are at war.

Gang Graffiti can be used for:

– Marking territory with graffiti.

– It’s a form of gang advertisement.

– Letting people know who’s in the gang, living, dead, or in prison.

– Which neighborhoods they are at war with.

– Who are their allies.

Graffiti has along history, specifically Los Angeles gang graffiti, which has has been around since the 1930s. South Central typeface includes uppercase letters, numbers, and select punctuation glyphs.