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Atelier laia

Waskonia Font Download

font family from Atelier laia, added today


The old characters of the 8th century are the inspiration for this font. Specifically those used during a remotee time of the Basque Country - or waskonia as the Franks would call it - in the old gravestones and doors entryways.


Lamia Font Download

font family from Atelier laia, added yesterday


The Lamia font is inspired by the work of the most famous calligrapher of the Basque Country, Jose Francisco de Iturzaeta Eizaguirre (Getaria1788-Madrid 1853). His writing method was compulsory in Spanish schools since 1835. His “unpolished Spanish font” tried to be more effective than the more commercial English version by avoiding embellishments and excessive rear tearing. More akin with the liberal values imported by the French, his offerings sought uniformity, speed and efficiency to ensure that those in the less-favored echelons of society had an effective communication tool.