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Canada Type

Fellowship™ Font Download

font family from Canada Type, added January 31st


Named in tribute to the members of the American Typecasting Fellowship, this font is an original expression of Jim Rimmer’s left-handed calligraphy. It was designed and cut in 24 p in the early 1980s, then cast as foundry type on Jim’s own Thompson typecasting machine.


Wilke Kursiv™ Font Download

family of 12 fonts from Canada Type, added January 31st

Wilke Kursiv™

Martin Wilke’s underrated yet influential deco classic from 1932 (Burgund with Ambassador for plain capitals) has both feet firmly planted in the high traditions of Western European calligraphy while carefully and subtly introducing some traits from the sweeping geometric/minimalist vision of the time. In a way, it was one of the representatives of the European anti-type typefaces of that era, when print media was searching for the elusive aesthetic balance between humanism and geometry. This typeface enjoyed some popularity in Germany for a few years, and went on to influence further type designs in Holland and Italy. After the second World War, the black hole that swallowed a big chunk of Europe’s print culture, new influences and technologies overtook the scene, and selective historical emphasis ensued, highlighting some of the era’s designs and overlooking others. Further selective picking in the digital era all but buried Wilke’s body of work - unfairly so, because he was just as important in German type history as Bernhard, Post, Schneidler, Tiemann and Trump.


Vox Round™ Font Download

font family from Canada Type, added February 25th

Vox Round™

Vox Round is the softer version of the Vox family.