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Fair Sans Text Font Download

font family from District, added today

Fair Sans Text

Fair Sans Text is the natural follow-up to the popular Fair Sans - now a text family based on the calligraphic structure and casual construction of its predecessor. As the name implies, Fair Sans Text has proportions for longer text settings, strong headlines, and everything in between. Lively and casual, FST is four weights with true italics. Also included are small caps, old style and tabular numerals, and multi-language glyphs.


Hoban Font Download

family of 2 fonts from District, added February 5th


The light and the bold. The thick and the thin. Laverne and the Shirley. Peanut Butter and the Jelly.

Hoban is about contrast. Hoban wants to be noticed, but only after a second glance. A friend of a friend

to the didones, it has smaller, tapering serifs, slightly calligraphic traits, and spindly little terminals that

go where they please.


Fair Sans Font Download

font family from District, added February 23rd

Fair Sans

Fair Sans is a distinctive sans-serif with much of its calligraphic structure left intact. Its casual construction and unconventional letterforms create a unicase family that’s relaxed and lively at the same time. Includes four weights and two widths, ligatures, and extras.