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Aleka Font Download

font family from Eurotypo, added today


Aylan Font Download

font family from Eurotypo, added yesterday


Mots Font Download

font family from Eurotypo, added today


Bague Font Download

font family from Eurotypo, added today


Bague is a classical roman typeface, which was inspired in Old Dutch style, especially in the work of Jan Van Krimpen.

Bague family comes with two different lengths of stem (ascenders-descenders), with three weights in each style: Text and Caption

OpenType features: Discretional and standard ligatures; Swash, Contextual and stylistic alternates; Case sensitive forms, tabular figures, numerals, denominator, numerator, Small-Caps and Old Style figures.


Vernaccia Font Download

font family from Eurotypo, added today


Last year I went to visit a friend in Tuscany. One day he took me to meet his neighbor, a nice old man; Mr. Giulio. After giving us a tour of his small vineyard, he insisted us to try his production: a delicious Vernaccia! When his wife left the bottle containing the gold liquid on the table, I fell in love with the label: it was handwritten by herself, as if to highlight the “homemade” feature. As a tribute to this beautiful and hardworking couple, I asked permission to be inspired to make a typeface ... and here goes! The family Font Vernaccia...

Vernaccia is a type family of four fonts: Regular, Bold, Condensed and Condensed Italic. Is a modern and casual calligraphy family font.
As an exclusively Open Type release, with 759 glyphs and 45 ornaments, it has several special alternatives for all letters with lots of possibility and an infinity of combinations. Most of the ornaments can be used alone, but really were especially designed to combine with the different glyphs. There are plenty of options to allow you to create something unique and special: standard and discretionary ligatures, several swashes and stylistics alternates for each letter, catchwords, tails that can be added to the beginning or end of each letter, ornaments, and much more. These lovely fonts have already an extended character set to support Western European languages.

Vernaccia was made to make your project more beautiful and attractive! Have fun with it!