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Flanker Ruano Font Download

font family from Flanker, added today

Flanker Ruano

The typeface Ruano was inspired from “Lettera cancelleresca formata” by the Vatican calligrapher Ferdinando Ruano, carved and cast in 1926 by Societa Nebiolo of Turin on the advice of Raffaello Bertieri who designed the capital letters and numbers, missing in the original. The difficulty of the desing of this chancery font lies in its original vertical layout, bending the calligrafe harmonies to the Gothic style, thus distinguishing it from contemporary cursive alphabets.


Selene Font Download

font family from Flanker, added yesterday


Selene is a sans-serif font family designed by Leonardo Di Lena in 2012-13. The font is based on geometric forms with as few as possible optical corrections that improve legibility.


Flanker Garaldus Font Download

font family from Flanker, added in 2012

Flanker Garaldus

The typeface Garaldus was presented in 1956 by Italian designer Aldo Novarese, inspired by Venetian tradition of the sixteenth century: the font name derives from Claude Garamond and Aldus Manutius. A peculiarity of this font is to change appearance, acquiring a form a more or less angular, depending on the size of the text and the way in which it is printed.