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Just My Type

Historic Warehouse Font Download

font family from Just My Type, added March 18th

Historic Warehouse

Gotta tell ya: think out of the box and this font is addictingly fun to use!


Boxy Code Font Download

font family from Just My Type, added in 2012

Boxy Code

In the late 60’s, one of the best art publications in the country was Motive magazine, published (amazingly) by the United Methodist Church. Filled to the brim with poetry, essays, line drawing and woodcuts, it also featured some cutting-edge typography. Boxy/Code is based upon my memories of woodcut typography from that great magazine. Since Boxy/Code’s lowercase consists of the uppercase’s negative spaces, it’s easy to combine the two with Layer Styles in Photoshop in order to achieve the effect I used in one poster above. It also works great if you use a well-known text as a background. This new version is totally redrawn and features all the Latin-accented letters. Uppercase consists of black capitals in boxes; lowercase features the negative spaces of those boxed capitals. Uppercase and lowercase line up exactly for 2-color effects.


Curves Font Download

font family from Just My Type, added in 2012


Be it a blessing or a curse, when a type designer sees a shape that could be interpreted as a letter, his/her mind is off and running. My parents loved to travel; Dad drove to Florida seven different years, winding on (barely) two-lane “highways” clinging to the hills of Kentucky and Tennessee. My brothers and I saw many of these letters along the way. Watch those Curves.


Channel B Font Download

font family from Just My Type, added in 2012

Channel B

Channel B was derived from the logo for Channel B, a British entertainment internet channel, anchored by former Soccer AM presenter Tim Lovejoy at I’m not sure what it was in 2008 when I first ran across the logo, but that elegant capital B seemed to cry out for a font to support it. Many of the capitals, numbers and other glyphs of Channel B are split into a top and bottom, but not all. The tall, condensed capitals are contrasted to the rounded lowercase (derived from the bottom half of the B, rotated 180°).


Megatropolis Font Download

font family from Just My Type, added January 10th


Introducing Megatropolis: intellectual, architectural, urban and urbane. What started as an idea where the counters would be letters (3 scribbled glyphs on a piece of scrap paper), has grown into a mighty font family of eight stackable fonts.