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Bicyclette Font Download

font family from Kostic, added today


The name for this typeface was chosen because Bicyclette is all about balance and elegance. The idea was to create a highly contrasted sans-serif family carefully balanced between gentle curves and sharp angles, with large capital letters opposing uncommonly short lower case, trough six distinctive weights. Letters are wide, and capitals pop up in headlines while lower case leaves a lot of white space between the text lines because of its small x-hight.

Edges were rounded in detail (not so much for the family to be called rounded), just enough to make the text feel slightly softer, gentler, while retaining some of that technical sans sharpness.


Breakers Slab™ Font Download

font family from Kostic, added in 2012

Breakers Slab™

Breakers Slab is a companion to sans serif Breakers. It’s a versatile typeface that is strong in headlines and legible in text, with a range of distinct weights from delicate thin to chunky ultra. With small caps included and over 600 glyphs in each weight.