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Lián Types

String Font Download

font family from Lián Types, added yesterday


Inspired in the sound of acoustic guitars, delicacy of harps and elegance of the engrossers script, String is a trendy monoline font which will for sure make unique layouts for your pieces of design.

Combining String with String Hole in the same word is a good idea when a more playful rhythm is needed. The font works particularly good when standing on photographs, so be ready to use it in magazines with food, landscapes or super models.


Erotica Font Download

font family from Lián Types, added September 10th


“A picture is worth a thousand words” and here, that’s more than true. Take a look at Erotica’s Booklet; Erotica’s Poster Design and Erotica’s User’s Guide before reading below.


Brand Font Download

font family from Lián Types, added today


Brand can be explained as a recipe with 3 ingredients: Mix lots of “jam” with sugar in a bowl. Add five spoons of hot Warhol’s “tomato soup”, and wear a “baseball” t-shirt while cooking. It may not taste so well, but you'll surely get some delicious glyphs!


Live Font Download

font family from Lián Types, added today


After Bird Script's ballet, Sproviero comes with these fast strokes, resulting in a font full of life and a youthful spirit— hence its name: Live.

“Brush lettering is to me the most beautiful way to express your feelings at the moment of writing” [...] “The way ink stands and sometimes bleeds on the paper makes the brush my favourite tool”. The aim of Live was again to see how far calligraphy & lettering could dive into the world of type-design.

The font is perfect for logos, posters, magazines, perfumes and all pieces of design related to music, and the feminin world.

You can also have a lot of fun with Live More, which contains a set of pre-designed catch words and lovely ornaments.

Live long and prosper!


Bird Script Font Download

font family from Lián Types, added yesterday

Bird Script

Characterized by quickness, lightness, and ease of movement, Bird Script is a font which challenges many aspects of type-design: every single stroke, comes directly from the author’s hand and tries to reflect not only the tool used, but also his feelings at the moment of writing.

Bird Script is a font filled up with the energic gestures of what it’s called gestural calligraphy, a not very explored field in typography, where hardly ever a letter comes the same way two times: When manipulating the pen, the letterer seeks for the beauty of the differences and the grace of a confident execution.