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Solveig Font Download

font family from Looseleaf Fonts, added today


Solveig is a stressed sans that draws inspiration from calligraphy and classical letterforms. Its ascenders and descenders are long and expressive; in place of finials, its terminals taper to points. Its name comes from Edvard Grieg’s “Solveig’s Song,” a quiet but emotional piece that informed the design process the whole way. Solveig is well suited for display, but remains very readable at smaller sizes in longer passages.


Newt Serif Font Download

font family from Looseleaf Fonts, added today

Newt Serif

Newt Serif has been described as looking as though it were “drawn by the light of mystic moons”. It’s a very friendly face, with a strong calligraphic bent and no sharp corners to be found. The italics are of a freer spirit than the romans, featuring some intriguingly designed letterforms (for example: ‘E’, ‘g’, ‘s’, and ‘y’). Newt Serif is light-hearted, but still serious and comfortable enough for longer passages of text.


Walleye Font Download

font family from Looseleaf Fonts, added January 21st


Walleye is an original serif font suitable for setting longer texts. It contains the Latin, (Polytonic) Greek, and Cyrillic alphabets, and supports a broad variety of languages, including almost all spoken in Europe. It also has small caps for all supported languages, old-style figures, and other OpenType features (see specimen booklet in the Gallery). Its long, banner-shaped finials and its airy letterforms give it character and an open texture on the page. Walleye has four styles: regular, italic, bold, and bold italic.