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Lust Slim Font Download

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Lust Slim

The original Lust (and later, Lust Script) was my overly indulgent attempt to infuse wanton sensuality in a typeface. I wanted to create something that was over the top, curvy serif that was a little sexy. Lust Slim signifies a maturation of the individual families as it branches out into further useful typographic indulgences. Lust Slim is just that, slimmer, more compact, more economical of space. It works lock-step with Lust and Lust Script. Both weights and each variant still appear… just optimized for a narrower setting. Everything that was under the covers before, still remains–with a few surprises—Lots of contrast, almost demure, coy contrast mixed with the flowing curves of a woman’s body, incomplete, almost teasing ball terminals, and serifs that went on forever…so sharp they would draw blood if you touched them.