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Chrysaora Font Download

font family from Nonpareille, added today


Chrysaora is based on Art Deco engraved letters, on the Palais de la Porte dorée (Palace of the Golden Gate) in Paris. Chrysaor is the son of Poseidon and Medusa, the brother of Pegasus. His mother’s hairs were turned into snakes by Athena after Medusa stained her temple. A statue of Athena, as a symbol of triumphant France, adorns the Palais de la Porte dorée.

Chrysaora is available in 3 weights, and can be used to set 105 languages, including Vietnamese and its numerous accented characters. It also has many special ligatures.


Svafa Font Download

font family from Nonpareille, added September 10th


Svafa is a free revival of a lettering designed by Eugène Grasset in 1893, on a poster for Richard Wagner’s opera ‘The Valkyrie’. Brisk an rough, but full of youthfullness, it is a surprisingly modern writing. To be more dynamic and attractive, Svafa is designed with special ligatures for the doubled lower case (aa, bb, cc, etc.), and with alternate drawings for accented letters.

In Norse mythology, Svafa is a valkyrie and the daughter of king Eylimi. Her name has been theorized as meaning ‘sleep-maker’…


Ebnor Font Download

font family from Nonpareille, added September 10th


Ebnor is a digital version of the ‘Écriture Bâton Normalisée’ (Standardized Sans Serif) presented by M. Brun in a self published booklet of 1959.

The shape of letters respect the standard E-04-105 edited by the French Association for Standardization (AFNOR). The letters are drawned with a round nib pen. The basic unit is the height of a lower case ‘c’: all capitals are 1.6 ‘c’ height, upper case A V and M are 8 ‘c’ large, W 12, etc. The italic is a sloped roman at an angle of 15°.

Ebnor scrupulously respects the recommendations of the author. Nevertheless, the booklet only give models for the basic 26 upper case, 26 lower case, and 10 figures. The other 500 glyphs, and the spacing, has been designed by Nonpareille.


Basetica Pro Font Download

font family from Nonpareille, added April 15th

Basetica Pro

Basetica aims to be the Helvetica for 2013.


Petit Serif Font Download

font family from Nonpareille, added February 6th

Petit Serif

Petit Serif is an interpretation (with Latin, Greek and Cyrillic versions) based on the lettering done at 55 Broadway, S.W.1, London, by Percy J. Delf Smith. It’s a sans serif presenting the classic proportions of the Roman Square Capitals, yet it does show tiny serifs due to the use of a brush. Intended mostly for signs, Petit Serif doesn’t have a lower case. In addition to the Greek and Cyrillic alphabets, it also offers alternative designs for the letters A and I, intended for the Basque language.