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PeGGO Fonts

Hexaround Font Download

font family from PeGGO Fonts, added today


“Hexaround” is an experimental font created for big and very small size use, for printed and even digital environments. The creative process did focus on a visual arragement, was done in a dotted hexagonal (seed of life) matrix, duplicated, displaced and overlapping, where dots fits over this layout, of course, with some exceptions, just to keep on mind legibility as priority but also to give a soft aesthetic sense to the font.


Milica Font Download

font family from PeGGO Fonts, added January 31st


Milica is a display font, inspired on action movies and urban Military culture, designed with straight verticals but slanted horizontals with no curves and sharped hard strokes, in 5 sizes, ExtraLight, Light, regular, Bold & ExtraBlack, plus italic version to each weight. Recommended for use in poster, Movies, video games, TV, Animation, letterhead, magazines titles, POP & Graphic culture, young stuff, hip-hop topics, urban, big sizes prints, Volumetric 3D shapes, labels, etc.