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Raqmi Monoshape Font Download

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Raqmi Monoshape

Raqmi Monoshape is a simplified version of the Raqmi font family with unified (non-varying) shapes. This font family supports all Arabetic scripts covered by Unicode 6.1, and the latest Arabic Supplement and Extended-A Unicode blocks, including support for Quranic texts. It includes two weights: regular and light, each of which has normal and left-slanted Italic versions. The script design of this font family follows the Arabetics Mutamathil style utilizing varying x-heights. The Mutamathil type style utilizes only one glyph per Arabic Unicode character or letter, as defined by the Unicode Standards. Raqmi Monoshape includes the required Lam-Alif ligatures in addition to all vowel diacritic ligatures. Soft-vowel diacritic marks (harakat) are selectively positioned with most of them appearing on similar high and low levels—top left corner—, to clearly distinguish them from the letters. Tatweel is a zero-width glyph.