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Rui Abreu

Grafolita Script™ Font Download

font family from Rui Abreu, added today

Grafolita Script™

Grafolita is a type family of three fonts. It offers great versatility in composing layouts with different point sizes, as it allows the user to balance the weights between bigger and smaller letters.


Azo Sans Uber Font Download

font family from Rui Abreu, added today

Azo Sans Uber

Azo Sans Uber is the heavy headline version of Azo Sans. It explores the maximum weight possible in Azo’s uppercases, without dismissing their geometrical appearance. For more personality, Azo Sans Uber has all the optical adjustments present in the original typeface, exaggerated. This caricaturization is combined with a slight shifting of the weight to the top part of the letters.


Azo Sans™ Font Download

font family from Rui Abreu, added January 10th

Azo Sans™

Azo Sans is a new sans serif loosely based on the elementary forms of geometry. It is constructed in a geometric manner and inspired by the constructivist typefaces of the 1920’s, but is instilled with a humanistic quality. Azo Sans is full of nuances that soften the strictness of pure geometry, making the typeface more human and pleasant to read in longer body text, while maintaining a sober and rational appearance. Azo Sans comes in six weights from Thin to Black, with a matching cursive italic for every weight.