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Urge Text™ Font Download

font family from Schizotype, added yesterday

Urge Text™

It started with an italic, or to be more precise, half an italic. The slanted styles of Urge Text exhibit a certain bipolarity, the tops of glyphs having a standard italic form, the bottoms of glyphs being more Roman in their construction. This sturdy footing really locks the italics to the baseline, making them very legible while still being distinct from the uprights. The same bipolar approach didn't work very well in upright styles, so the Romans are more toned down.


Anultra Slab™ Font Download

font family from Schizotype, added today

Anultra Slab™

Anultra Slab is, you guessed it... An ultra bold slab serif! Anultra Slab is a hard hitting headliner, designed to be set LARGE. Because it’s a single weight typeface, no compromises were necessary to get it interpolatable with other weights, so it is as bold and tight as I intended. Features include automatic fractions, case-sensitive forms, ligatures, stylistic alternates for non-descending J and Q, and a 3D ‘xtrude’ style, which can be layered behind the regular to create two colour, photo-lettering style text. Very seventies. Very cool.

A companion typeface, Alight Slab, is available at the other end of the weight scale, but there are no weights in between. You're no middle-weight designer, so why use middle-weight fonts?!


Alight Slab™ Font Download

font family from Schizotype, added today

Alight Slab™

Alight Slab is, wait for it... A light slab! Designed to be set large, in headlines or subheads and (very) short paragraphs of running text. It has slightly super-eliptical forms and crisp details, giving it a contemporary look.

Alight Slab features automatic fractions, a discretionary ct ligature, and a capital sharp s.

Anultra Slab is an ultra bold accompanying typeface.


Range Serif™ Font Download

font family from Schizotype, added in 2012

Range Serif™

Range Serif is a sharp, contemporary, wedge serif typeface with just a hint of fraktur influence. There are five weights from light to black, each with corresponding italics.


Margot Font Download

font family from Schizotype, added in 2012


Like a lovechild of American Typewriter and Cooper Black, typewritten in melted chocolate, this is Margot. A bold single weight display typeface in roman and italic styles, Margot is boisterous but cuddly; warm but impactful.