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Rondell Font Download

font family from Scrowleyfonts, added yesterday


Rondell was originally designed in 2011 as a reasonably priced variable width and weight font. There were a couple of things about it that I didn't like and so I withdrew it from sale. Since then I have found myself using it for many different projects and have realised how useful and versatile it is. Therefore I have fixed the things I didn't like about it and it is now available again.

Rondell is a simple, smart, sans serif font. Rounded corners make it slightly informal and friendly.


School Hand Font Download

font family from Scrowleyfonts, added today

School Hand

School Hand is a font designed for use with young children. There is the Dotted version, which is designed to be traced over with a larger dot to show where to start and automatic lines. Then there is the Regular version which can be used for reading or can be printed light grey for tracing.

School Hand Cursive is a cursive font which is designed using contextual alternates. Contextual alternates cannot be activated in the Myfonts preview window so please see the gallery images which show how the smooth flow of letters is achieved. Contextual alternates are available in Adobe appliactions and MS Word 2010 or later. If you want to see how particular text will be rendered please contact me.


April Rain Font Download

font family from Scrowleyfonts, added yesterday

April Rain

April rain is a delicate, elegant font with teardrop line endings. It is designed to be interesting and a little unusual while remaining robust enough to be used in a variety of contexts from titling and lists to short paragraphs.