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Trivia Humanist™ Font Download

font family from Storm, added today

Trivia Humanist™

I decided to draw the Regular style of Trivia Humanist not too light and the Bold not too dark. Delicate anatomy and moderate contrasts of serifed humanist typefaces aren’t usually born by interpolating between extremes, but rather by meticulous care for each individual letter. A delicious blend of a trace of punchcutter’s tool and calligrapher’s hand with as few historical reminiscences as possible. It stays away from any strong aesthetic colorations as well, which is a common feature of the Trivia family system. I wanted a clear and majestic typeface for book jackets, LP cover designs, posters, exhibition catalogues and shorter texts. But at the end it turned out excellent for largest books as well.


Trivia Gothic™ Font Download

font family from Storm, added April 23rd

Trivia Gothic™

Preissig Antikva Pro Font Download

font family from Storm, added in 2012

Preissig Antikva Pro

This vintage, iconic typeface of original Czech letter-founding has been faithfully revised, extended and newly rendered in 2012.


Trivia Serif 10 Font Download

font family from Storm, added in 2012

Trivia Serif 10

It’s an extension to the Trivia font system. Serif 10 has been meticulously adapted for sizes of about 10 points, to be used for all kinds of literature: magazines, newspapers, books, including large scientific volumes.


Mramor Pro™ Font Download

font family from Storm, added January 29th

Mramor Pro™

The Mramor family first appeared in the Stormtype catalogue in 1994. The first sketch arose in 1988 through the narrowing of Roman capitals. It has uniform width proportions and, above all, original lower-case letters, unprecedented with Roman Capitals.