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Studio K

Canterbury Font Download

font family from Studio K, added today


Canterbury is named after the English cathedral city in the county of Kent, chiefly because its sculptural qualities are reminiscent of ecclesiastical architecture. It’s a monumental font in the sense that it is well suited to plaques, certificates and other formal inscriptions. It’s also suitable for any application that strives for a sense of elegance and dignity.


Export Drive Font Download

font family from Studio K, added April 9th

Export Drive

Export Drive is a bold condensed stencil font of the kind traditionally used to mark tea chests, packing cases and other goods in transit. Nowadays of course its applications are universal, although it is particularly well suited to branding or publishing projects which strive for a sense of freshness, urgency and immediacy, or a rugged, rough-and-ready feel.


Soft Rock Font Download

font family from Studio K, added yesterday

Soft Rock

Soft Rock is a bold condensed sans serif with rounded contours that contrives to be gentle and dynamic at the same time: rather like the soft rock bands (Chicago, Air Supply, Fleetwood Mac etc) after which it is named. It’s a warm, friendly font ideal for branding everything from soup to soft furnishings.


Barrowboy Font Download

font family from Studio K, added in 2012


Barrowboy was inspired by the handwritten sales tickets that are still to be found on market stalls and fruit barrows, and are as familiar as the street cries that accompany them. The signage is mostly confined to numerals, so translating it into a font is pretty much a work of imagination, but I think I've captured something of the spirit of the original with its curlicues and finials. Barrowboy has a naive, down-to-earth charm that is well suited to childrens books, games and toys - as some of the graphics here illustrate.


Hollywood Hills Font Download

font family from Studio K, added in 2012

Hollywood Hills

Inspired by that iconic sign in the Hollywood Hills, this font is a must for film buffs, movie lovers and designers who want to bring a bit of big screen glamour to their projects. It’s a caps only face, but by using the upper and lower case keys type can be set above or below the base line, thus creating the signature stagger effect. Skyline and building top signs are fairly common on the European continent, and Hollywood Hills can also be used to create dramatic city nightscapes – especially when used together with neon style fonts like Bebopalula Outline or Anvil Outline.