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Studio K

Red Top Font Download

font family from Studio K, added January 15th

Red Top

Red Top is the UK name for the tabloid press, the scandal sheets of journalism, scourge of royalty, errant politicians and public figures, and celebrants of sex, celebrity and astrology: all human life is there as they used to say in the now defunct News of the World. For the budding media moguls amongst you – or for designers who want to make their headlines shout a little louder – here at last is Red Top the font. Splash it all over!


Pier Arcade Font Download

font family from Studio K, added in 2012

Pier Arcade

This font is inspired by all those end-of-the-pier amusement arcades and fairground rides. The glitz, glamour and thrills that soon turned to giddiness and nauseau after a spin on the Roller Coaster or a bumpy ride on the Dodgems! It’s also a bit of a nod to comic book graphics of the Marvel era and the superheroes who deliver knockout punches in a spew of drop shadow typography. With Pier Arcade you can now create your own fairground ride or comic book adventure. Enjoy!


4square Font Download

font family from Studio K, added February 25th


Strength, solidity and style’ neatly encapsulate 4square, a font that combines a sturdy industrial feel with smooth, streamlined contours. It’s definitely got some Microgramma in its DNA, although the proportions are squarer and the letter forms more angular. Designing it has been an exercise in ‘squaring the circle’; to see how close the letter form could approach to a rectangle whilst retaining its curves. The result is a pleasantly softened effect reminiscent of a worn pebble.


Aspidistra Font Download

font family from Studio K, added February 25th


Aspidistra is a modern vintage typeface; which is to say a Studio K original with a period feel. It has a strong Art Nouveau influence (a distant cousin of Arnold Bocklin), but like most of my productions it’s more of a happy accident than a design choice: it evolved out of a fairly aimless doodle on a scratch pad (see gallery image). Why Aspidistra? In the first half of the last century an Aspidistra was a must have accessory of the aspiring middle classes (see George Orwells’ Keep the Aspidistra Flying), and to my mind this font evokes the chintzy charm of that era.