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Cal Insular Minuscule Font Download

font family from Posterizer KG, added February 15th

Cal Insular Minuscule

Calligrapher Insular Minuscule Font, is one of the calligraphic group of fonts called “21 alphabets for Calligraphers“. All graphemes are taken from calligraphic pages written on traditional Insular Majuscule calligraphic stile.


Vaccine Font Download

font family from ParaType, added February 15th


Vaccine is a slab serif font family with a mixture of the usual and one-sided serifs. We call it ‘semi semi slab serif’. Serifs and terminals have soft rounded shapes, but stem junctions on the contrary use hard constructions. Such combination of basic design features makes the font distinct and strong in a setting and delicate and soft in appearance. This design peculiarity, together with low contrast and strong serifs, produces the qualities needed for using the font in small sizes, in low quality print, and in bad reading conditions. Vaccine got modern stylish design and has a prominent place in the set of popular faces.

The family consists of 10 members -- five weights with the corresponding italics. It can be used in a wide range of applications -- magazines, advertising, corporate identity, urban navigation, packaging, children books, etc.

Design by Manvel Shmavonyan with a help of Gayane Bagdasaryan as a consultant.

Released by ParaType in 2013.


Old School Tattoo™ Font Download

font family from m u r, added February 15th

Old School Tattoo™

Old school sailor tattoo lettering.


Liebelei Pro Italic Font Download

font family from Ekke Wolf, added February 14th

Liebelei Pro Italic

“Liebelei” – dalliance, flirtation, hanky-panky; kind of diminutive of “Liebe” (German for love)


Mussa Font Download

font family from Eurotypo, added February 14th