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 Balboa Plus

Balboa Plus Font Download Font Information

 Balboa Plus

Balboa Plus is a condensed sans serif display family. It was originally conceived as a simple black and white typeface. But it seemed unfinished, begging for something more. I decided to try adding a couple layers of fill and detail to try and make it interesting. The result is this four-layer chromatic font family. The Primary Font is the Main Font. The other fonts ( Fill, Inline, and Gradient) only exist to support the Primary Font. The Fill font should sit behind the Primary font (there is a little color trapping going on). The rest is even easier.
There is a free downloadable PDF Balboa User Manual in the Gallery section for this family. I has samples and some backstory.
The downloadable PDF Sutro Deluxe User Manual is in the Gallery section for this family. More…

Balboa™ is a trademark of Parkinson Type Design.

  • Released 17 hours ago