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Caballero Font Download

Caballero Font Information

font family from Fabio Godoy, added yesterday


Typographical Caballero is a family created by Fabio Eduardo Godoy Angel, the concept is inspired by a type with firm and clear, with perfect posture and personality to be used by Graphic Designers and Architects, in terms of print, TV Corporate Identity, Merchandising - Other Projects. Ideal for antetétulos, titles, subtitles, texts from 12 Pts. Caballero Outline and Caballero Outline Italic, are presented as an option for antetétulos, titles and subtitles as well as short texts from 20 Pts. Caballero in his presentation Outline, allows wide range of applications in regard to the use of color, and be combined with Caballero Regular and Caballero Italic. Font Project Caballero, is set with a vertical and horizontal logic calligraphic lines, amount of contrast medium, antlers mullet and its completions are straight.