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Gianduja Font Download


Gianduja Font Download Font Information

This delicious font family takes its name from the tastiest of Piemonte’s specialities. It has been designed in collaboration with Turin-based calligrapher and artisan Andrea Tardivo.

Piemonte soil provides the most delectable hazelnuts, which are the key to creating a mouth-watering chocolate spread called Gianduja. This popular delicacy has a rich graphic history, with lavishly designed packaging. We sought to infuse the sweetness and tradition of Turin’s confectionary into a new font family, reinterpreting italian models from the first quarter of the last century. 

All fonts were crafted by hand on paper first and then digitised in a way that retains the handmade quality and aesthetic. This family blends the Turinese touch from the old chocolatiers and the beautifully printed foils they use to wrap each exquisite creation.

The extensive display family contains; Gianduja Sans a geometric font based on examples found in italian art deco era artworks.. Gianduja Script has been handwritten with a speedball pen following the standards of “Bella Scrittura” and Gianduja Capitals is a decorative font inspired by the “liberty” lettering signs from Piemonte. To complete the suite we developed an inline Capitals version, a set of icons and decorative elements all with the same handmade characters to perfectly partner with each character set.