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PF Benchmark Pro™ Font Download

 PF Benchmark Pro™

PF Benchmark Pro™ Font Download Font Information

 PF Benchmark Pro™

Benchmark Pro is a carefully structured geometric typeface which works amazingly well in body text due to its simplistic nature and large x-height. The design of Benchmark Pro started out as an attempt to convert the minimalistic structure of a technical and purely geometric design into a readable modern and friendly sans serif. This was achieved by selectively changing and turning the straight lines of the initial drawings into curves and applying legibility techniques to the transformed letterforms. These letterforms have a distinct personality which is bolstered by its angular curves and open counter terminals. The result is a contemporary text typeface that looks quite fashionable. Benchmark Pro gets away from the ultra modern and mechanical structure but keeps its display nature, it gets away from the classical but still remains legible. More…

This robust san serif type family offers an extended character set which supports simultaneously Latin, Cyrillic and Greek. All Benchmark Pro font variants have a companion italic, rounding the total family members at 14 fonts. Each font includes more than 750 glyphs and is powered with 17 opentype features.

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