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Sworded™ Font Download


Sworded™ Font Download Font Information


Sworded is a font family of 8 fonts that was inspired by such diverse things as architecture, tombstones, video games, watching old movies or reading comic books.
The art of creating beautiful letters has slowly declined with the rise of the digital age and its solid-colour, 2D fonts. And most of the time, the care given to typography in cultural products just isn't what it used to be anymore.
This was the inspiration for Sworded, a family of 4 layerable fonts that can bring a feeling of depth to its letters, and offers endless possible combinations.
Sworded Regular is the basic shape of all the characters.
Sworded Deep gives an impression of depth to chartacters or acts on its own as an illusion.
Sworded Bright can be used as the bright side of a bevel.
Sworded Dark can be used to flesh out the dark side of a bevel.
Sworded Shadowed is a contour font with a shadow effect.
Sworded Wire is a wire font without depth indication.
Sworded Outline is an outline font.
Sworded Hatched is a variation of Sworded Shadowed with lines giving a gradient illusion. More…

But of course, any font can be combined with any other font(s) to obtain various results.

There are hundreds possible combinations with these eight fonts.

Have fun!

  • Released 1 days ago